“There is no real way to describe this story. It just is. And it’s magnificent and eye-opening.” – Latest ‘Out of the Shadows’ review

A beautiful new review on goodreadsa by Brenda Ayala, read here:  http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/628887032

well written. Beautiful, strangely poetic, and almost lyrical in its prose;
something I wasn’t expecting in the slightest from an erotica novel. I’ve read a
little of the genre here and there, some things more dramatic than others. I
wouldn’t say I’m an expert or well-versed by any means. But I know enough, and I
know a little about BDSM as well.

I’ve also read my fair share of BDSM,
again in bits and pieces, here and there. It was something I stumbled upon and
since it was so blatantly different from everything I’d known about sex
previously, I was intensely curious. I think the first well known story I read
with any sort of spanking was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. It was

I’m no expert. I have very limited knowledge, but in my
inexperienced opinion this was a a fantastic novel. I think for me this provided
the best lens to see the life of someone who practices BDSM, at least the way I
had learned of it. It was a delicate mix between the pushing of a social agenda,
a celebration of an alternative lifestyle, and a love story.

formatting was a bit unusual; it took me a little bit to adapt and get used to
it. Much the same way as the story line, actually. While there were some toys
they used that were not unusual to hear about, there were also numerous mentions
of activities and instruments I never would have guessed about. But what I love
is that while I was indirectly taught about these items, the emphasis was more
on the emotions between the two lovers and, while emphasis was mostly on the
sub, the focus was almost exclusively on the rush of lust and just plain
physical desire for both parties.

The thing that stuck with me quite a
bit was the mention of feeling like an outcast. I absolutely believe that this
is a very real problem, not only with people who don’t practice the lifestyle
but also those who are involved somehow and yet still mock and ridicule. Senta’s
numerous tellings of this were disheartening, to say the least. I can only hope
that such a groundbreaking novel as this will help to pave the way for more
acceptance and open communication.

There is no real way to describe this
story. It just is. And it’s magnificent and eye-opening.


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