Influential US review site BookishTemptations calls ‘Out of the Shadows’ a ‘Masterpiece’

Gelytayz from BookishTemptations, the sophisticated and widely read US review site, has a fabulous and deeply moving 4.5 Star review of Senta Holland’s ‘Out of the Shadows and into the Darkness’.

From the review:

“It is a very deep love story, a Dom and sub relationship and it’s about a relationship to oneself. Yes, it’s a deep journey of desire, love, courage, hope and much, much more.

It is definitely an eye opener and you will discover a lot of things that you didn’t even think existed. It took me quite awhile to finish the book because at some parts I felt literally sucked and needed to pause for a while. I cannot adequately put my thoughts into words, and you just simply needed to read it for you to fully understand. I admit that I am a poet at heart, and this is the reason I find it so much better than the others out there.

If you have an open mind and you are ready for a wild adventure, I definitely recommend that you read this. If you wanted a glimpse on how it feels and what it’s like to be living the lifestyle this is a masterpiece written for you.”

bookishtemptations picture chapter 1


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