Senta Holland is headliner in anthology ‘Blood on the floor: how writers survive rejection’

The title of the book is taken from the title of my story, too: ‘There is blood on the floor, a polemic’.
What attracted me to the anthology was the brief that the authors had to write something ‘humorous, sarcastic and pithy’ instead of our true, painful feelings at seeing our work. that we dedicate our lives to, rejected.
Interestingly, instead of rejecting me, the editor placed my story as a headliner. Plucky response!

Quote from my story: “Rejection, and the response to it, is at the core of our culture and our literature. It’s a very strong feeling, it has a dramatic dynamic, involving hope, desire, dreams, reaching out (and often, from the perspective of the rejected, up) to someone or something fervently desired. And then – it’s a long, steep fall down. Crashing and destroying those hopes, dreams, desires. Just like the man Catullus says.
And no, I don’t just want to leave the field to the guys.
Here’s another icon of Western culture: Emily Bronte.’

What is your response to the theme of rejection in Western culture and poetry?


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