Out of the Shadows: Like ‘story of O’ and ‘better than 50 shades’ what more can a girl want?

Review by Mary Mills on Amazon:

“I haven’t read a lot of erotic fiction, but I was surprised how much this book reminded me of The Story of O (one of the few erotic fiction books I’ve read – and liked very much). The writing in Out of the Shadows was lovely and from the beginning I was caught up in the journey.

I couldn’t get through 50 Shades because I thought the writing was so poor, but Out of the Shadows is much different. Who knew BDSM could be so literary? And moving? It was a smart book and at the same time, very very sexy.”


Quotes from ‘Out of the Shadows’ have cropped up on several sites – this is the first attempt to create a fan’s image of Senta, heroine and narrator

It’s the first time someone has created their own image of Senta

I’m in awe.


senta holland quote and image by website simply dou

Another good run in the Top 100 for ‘Out of the Shadows’

Best this time round was no.44 Amazon Erotica UK – after almost a year after publication!  Again, I feel I live inside a dream…

(and it’s still free for the next few days… so hurry… thank you HarperCollins)




“Out of the Shadows” has arrived! See it in HarperCollins Celebritypix

And Out of the Shadows is riding high in the charts again – no.64 Erotica UK!

I’m a Top 100 Girl Once More!!!

deep, delirious sigh…Image

Out of the Shadows is free again!!!

I can’t believe it! Free again on Amazon UK!!!
If you know anyone who would like to read it, this is their chance!

No. 19 FREE again – Out of the Shadows is doing well!

In its second free round (thank you HarperCollins!), Out of the Shadows has been steadily climbing for the last 10 days.

A second free round is a lot more difficult.  Many people have already downloaded the book, and there are many great new books competing for the readers’ attention.  So we are very delighted to see the book back in the top 20!  Thank you readers.


19 free 11 oct 13